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The "I Find Noir Sam Sexy" Support Group

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With the new screenshots of Noir Sam (called Sexy Sam by the afflicted) released, many forumites are experiencing a disconcerting attraction to the six feet of dark, doggy hotness. This is a safe place where we can help each other deal with these new feelings. Now, one of the most effective therapies is known as "art therapy", wherein patients express their emotions through painting and drawing. I suggest people post their fanarts, I mean, art therapy paintings, of Sam in his shirtsleeves, and begin their healing process.
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  • At least they feed him and talk to him, and Leonard looks like he's been bathed regularly too. Also, Sam's not exactly sane. Saner than Max, yes (or perhaps better at blending in with society), but he's not entirely sane.

    He has social skills. Max does not. I think.

    Now, who's Saner, depend of your point of view. I like to say Sam is a bit saner than Max because he can blend with the society better. But not for much.
  • Also, I know a lot of people in various fandoms who care deeply about a certain character -- and then proceed to put him or her through the proverbial wringer in their own fanworks. 'Cause you hurt the ones you love, don'cha know.

    Oh you have NO idea how true that is for me.
  • There's a ring of truth to this. Also, I know a lot of people in various fandoms who care deeply about a certain character -- and then proceed to put him or her through the proverbial wringer in their own fanworks. 'Cause you hurt the ones you love, don'cha know. (Heck, I can't say I'm immune to this myself!) In a strange way, it seems perfectly normal. More or less..

    Erg, I'm having horrible flash backs to when I was a fan of Invader Zim... I an't never goin' back you hear me! THOSE PEOPLE AN'T RIIIGHT!
  • For me, it's the fact that Sam has been given a whole new depth. He's a goofy, laid-back, nice guy with knight templar tendencies. But take away Max, and he becomes--and forgive me if I'm jumping the gun, as I'm looking at those several screenshots where he's threatening to plug hapless victims--more of an apparent psychopath than his little buddy ever was.

    As something of a psychology nerd, I find that fascinating. We all know that Sam keeps Max anchored, so to speak. That much is obvious just by looking at the pair. But the idea that Max is keeping Sam in check just as much is rarely touched on, even if it has been hinted at. We've seen hints of Sam's righteous temper in his various incarnations, and in most of them, Max is the one to calm him down.

    Annnd I'll shut up because I started writing an essay and that's just silly.
  • Omegabegin wrote: »
    Annnd I'll shut up because I started writing an essay and that's just silly.

    Please continue, I love read psychology-silly stuff. That was my favorite thing to do when I was a Jimmy Neutron Fan. Please continue, really.
  • Yes please carry on, I find it rather interesting, even though their fictional it's still something to think about becuase if it obviously made you think this way then thats a sign of good character development.
  • Yeah, I wanna hear more psychology stuff too!
  • I'm going out on a limb here, but it may have to do with trouble socializing and fitting in -raging against the world that will never accept them. Between never meeting anyone else of their species and tending to insult and be a danger to everyone they meet it would be a horribly lonely and evil-feeling world if they didn't have each other. (And living in a bad neighborhood in a crapsack world doesn't help much either). So long as they have each other, they have a sense of normalcy and can both keep up the pretense that they're fine and perfectly sane. Take that away and it just gets too overwhelming.
  • You guys shouldn't be encouraging me like this. I FEEL SO SILLY.

    Most of these points come from the animated series, so they may not apply specifically to Telltale Sam. I personally think that the arguments stand in any of his incarnations, but please keep in mind that without hard Telltale Sam evidence, this is all conjecture.

    Warnings: essay, Animated Series, and 204 Spoilers

    There are two instances of Sam's dangerous fury in the animated series. In the first example*, Sam witnesses a bully (whose name I can't be bothered to remember) giving his younger self a pinkbelly. He bursts up from the bushes he and Max had been hiding in, cursing the bully, until Max pulls him back down and tells him that they can't interfere with the timestream.

    What's more interesting about that episode, however, is the fact that in the very same episode, Max alters the timestream himself. He makes it so that Sam becomes a monk, who claims to have "obtained higher consciousness", and later during a fight with a giant octopus, shows an aversion to violence by stating that "as a monk, [he] was taught to revere all life". Max is left in a pickle; how is he supposed to get the Sam he knows and loves back?

    Luckily, the problem solves itself. The octopus hoists Sam up and begins hiving him a pinkbelly. What's interesting here is the fact that Max, seemingly delighted, latches on to that action and tempts Sam's rage: "He's giving you a pinkbelly, Sam! Come on! Have you no shame!?" It proves to be well-placed faith. Sam, despite his years of being a monk and learning peaceful ways, roars and begins biting the octopus. If this isn't clear-cut evidence that Sam's violent tendencies are due to genetic predisposition--NOT Max's influence--then I don't know what is. Max's encouraging is also a topic of consideration, as it implies that he is consciously aware of Sam's temper. More on that later.

    What have we established so far? 1: Sam has an anger problem, whether or not Max is present. It may take some prodding, but that berserk button is definitely there. 2: Max is possibly aware of this problem; whether he knows that he is highly responsible for keeping it lidded is up for debate.

    In the second example** eerie parallel/foreshadowing, now that I think about it...Max is made king of a tribe of guinea pig-gerbil things, and refuses to go home with Sam. Sam then sees a mark on Max's head, left by the crown, and immediately comes to the conclusion that they cut out his brain. What does he do?

    He attacks them. Sam throws himself at the tribe and starts fighting them with his bare fists, rearing his head and roaring as they run away. Max, for his part, has to run up to Sam, saying "Shh, stop it Sam, I'm okay, I'm okay!" Sam does immediately calm down, even appearing sheepish for his actions, but this is the second instance of his anger in which he becomes feral and borderline mindless.

    Max doesn't seem at all surprised by Sam's freak-out. He laughs somewhat as he assures his canine friend that he's all right, and shows no signs of being put-out by such a rapid change in behavior. This once again reinforces the idea that Max is consciously aware of Sam's temper, and that just as he is able to egg it on, he is able to ease it.

    Once again, let's see what we've figured out, building on what we've already established. 1: Sam loses all sense of civilized behavior when he gets to that point in anger. 2: Max, while not responsible for the fury itself, is almost definitely aware that he has some sort of control when it comes to keeping it lidded.

    While savage displays of rage are not carried over to the Telltale Games--perhaps due to the fact that Sam is the controllable character--signs of thoughtless anger are present. In another instance*** of meeting his past self, this time it's Little!Sam himself that pisses Sam off. The point of interest is where Sam actually pulls out his gun and appears very close to shooting his past self, without any thought as to what might happen to him now. Instead of Max, however, it's the time machine's AI that reminds him of possible repercussions. But even as he puts the gun away, he shows no remorse for his actions, stating that Little!Sam just got lucky.

    So while Telltale Sam doesn't jump at his enemies in savage fury (again, which I believe is because he's the controllable character), his tendency to act on his anger is still very present. While I feel silly for writing a whole essay about this, I feel even sillier that I hadn't caught on to all of the foreshadowing before this. Clearly, I must work harder at being a psychology nerd.

    * Sam & Max Animated Series: Episode 1x09: "A Glitch In Time"
    ** Sam & Max Animated Series: Episode 1x03: "Max's Big Day"
    *** Sam & Max Beyond Time & Space: Episode 204: "Chariots of the Dogs"
  • Omega, you just took everything I've thought and made it sound intelligent. Sam most DEFINATELY has a berserk button, and it does make a whole whack of sense that you don't see him go crazy because he's the player character.
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