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The "I Find Noir Sam Sexy" Support Group

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With the new screenshots of Noir Sam (called Sexy Sam by the afflicted) released, many forumites are experiencing a disconcerting attraction to the six feet of dark, doggy hotness. This is a safe place where we can help each other deal with these new feelings. Now, one of the most effective therapies is known as "art therapy", wherein patients express their emotions through painting and drawing. I suggest people post their fanarts, I mean, art therapy paintings, of Sam in his shirtsleeves, and begin their healing process.
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  • Wow, that was really well thought out :D
    I enjoyed reading that, then again I love this kind of stuff.

    I think if you want an example of Sam's anger in the comic seires then the best example would be part one of "On The Road". Sam see's a guy robbing a store and bites his arm, this is most likely due to the fact he's been stressed due to the lack of crimes. After he bites him he says "I've never really done that before. I'm really embrarrased" and also states that he's not thinking straight, another example that Sam is possible of being just as crazy as his lil' lagomorph friend.
  • My not-so glorious contribution to the cause.

  • Harald B wrote: »
    I'm going out on a limb here, but it may have to do with trouble socializing and fitting in -raging against the world that will never accept them. Between never meeting anyone else of their species and tending to insult and be a danger to everyone they meet it would be a horribly lonely and evil-feeling world if they didn't have each other. (And living in a bad neighborhood in a crapsack world doesn't help much either). So long as they have each other, they have a sense of normalcy and can both keep up the pretense that they're fine and perfectly sane. Take that away and it just gets too overwhelming.

    Dunno, I think you're trying to add angst where it doesn't exist. I mean, they have family, so there ARE others of their species. That also doesn't seem to matter as the fact that they are a walking, talking Dog and Lagomorph barely seems to faze anyone in the slightest unless it's for comedy value.
  • Holy crud crap! That's freakin' ace!
  • This joke thread has gotten surprisingly thoughtful and interesting! The talk of Sam's berserk button also makes me think if his letting his emotions overwhelm him is also the source of the attraction? There are times all of us get overwhelmed by some feeling, only it usually turns out badly, e.g. you try to confess to a crush only to look like an idiot, get angry and lose an argument by resorting to namecalling rather than logic, etc. Having Sam's anger turn him into a badass is basically watching a sort of fantasy, one where strong emotions lend us power rather than overpower us.
  • Actually, from what I've seen it does overpower him. I don't think he's badass. His natural self is much better. On the other hand, the fact that he can't control his emotions is sexy, in the same way it's sexy when a man cries. See what I mean?
  • Avistew wrote: »
    Actually, from what I've seen it does overpower him. I don't think he's badass. His natural self is much better. On the other hand, the fact that he can't control his emotions is sexy, in the same way it's sexy when a man cries. See what I mean?

    I still think he need a hug.

    Also, I think you're right. But also, he's trying to focus his anger and emotions on the mission of find Max's Brain. I don't think his emotions are power him, is more his trying to control his emotions but he can't. So, he resort to a "What's Flint Paper will do" or something like that he can get some control of what he's doing (And THAT is what make him badass).

    I think.

    I guess I have to play the game to figure out =P
    Shwoo wrote: »
    I maintain that he's more Lawful Stupid. But only inconsistently.

    I say Knight Templar because he enforces the Law. The Lawful Stupid pretty much follow the law to almost insanity.
    Shwoo wrote: »
    I don't they need acceptance or to think of themselves as sane. They seem to enjoy the weirder and more dangerous things about the world.

    Yeah, but when they are together. Separated is different. It's like they decided they just need the acceptance and company of each other and the hell with the rest of the world, but when they don't have that, they feel empty or something. Max pretty much ripped the kidneys of the Demon Pepeers from Sam's hell, so I think is mutual.
    Shwoo wrote: »
    I'm not sure if it's because he's the controllable character, though, since he never did it in the comics even when Max was killed.

    If I read my cards correctly, he will probably pass from a period of Depression (The one he was having in Bad Day on the Moon before discover he got Max's consciousness inside of him) before get to the "Badass a la Flint Paper" mode. In fact, I don't really think he's angered. I think he's mostly depressed and somewhat faking the anger to certain degree. When he meets the guy who actually stole Max's Brain, then he will get angered.

    By the way:

  • To add to Ginny's point people who are experiencing sadness and sense of powerlessness do sometimes express it in anger more than depression. They also grow spontaneous stubble. Scientists still aren't sure why.
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