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Season 1 Port?

posted by QuestForGloryFan on - last edited - Viewed by 187 users
I've been thinking about buying the whole Sam and Max series as it's on sale but was wondering if there were plans in the future to port Sam and Max save the world to Mac. If so I would buy it now and play it later but if not it would be cheaper just to get season 2 and 3. Anyone heard any news on this?
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  • Telltale Games said:
    Dear Mac Gamers,

    For too long, gamers have had to choose a side: Mac or PC.

    For too long, our Apple brethren have subsisted on a dangerously lean diet of gaming goodness.

    For too long, entertainment-hungry users of iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac minis have had no voice!

    To that we say, no more! Join Telltale in the digital entertainment revolution and pay one price for PC and Mac! Forever!

    Give power back to the Gamers!

    Strength through unity, unity through gaming!

    <3 - Telltale Games</div>

    I think it's safe to assume that all of Telltale's games will be ported to Mac sooner or later, and since the most popular franchises will probably be ported first, it can't be long until they do season 1. I would take advantage of the sale, but don't sue me if they, because of some unforeseen event, never get to port it.
  • luckily, you dont need to have played season 1 to understand season 2 TOO much... i think it would be in telltale's best marketing interests to develop the mac version of Abe Lincoln Must Die! first, so mac gamers get a chance to check it out before buying it... which they will.
  • There was a poll earlier in the year to see which game would get the Mac port first. Sam and Max won, but there was a big battle between it and SBCG4AP.

    The Season 2 Mac ports were only released recently (i.e. about a month ago) so I'm sure that th Season 1 ones will show up sooner or later. Possibly later rather than sooner, considering there's at least 4 games series in development right now...
    (S&M:TDP, NT:PA, BTTF, JP)
  • What a helpful bunch of posts. I remembered the voting earlier this year. Didn't realize the season 2 port was as recent as it was. Because of this post I went ahead and got all 3, was pleasantly surprised to find eligibility for the season-end DVDs, some of which I imagine won't be updated with the ports. Thanks Telltale posters, due to this and the 10 dollar SBCG4AP last month I now have almost every Telltale product.
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