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Register for Forum - improvements

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maybe i am the only one who had that problem, after i clicked that register link i found here in the forum i ended up at the Telltale Main Page .... after crying for hours ;) I found that little link in the upper right corner asking me to give myself a username ... after doing so i was able to post here :D
Maybe that register stuff should end up in the middle of the page so everyone finds it without crying for hours ;).


P.S.: I was logged in with my telltale account - using email and code i got with buying Sam and Max Season 1
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  • Funny, we were just talking about this sort of problem this morning... :)
  • I had a similar problem. Though it wasn't finding the button in the right corner. It was realizing that being logged in is not enough to post, and that you also need to set up a username. The Bulliten message says "If you are already a registered user of the Telltale site, please login at the top of the page", which suggests that being logged in is enough. I should also say something like "If you are logged in, but still see this message, you need to choose a username", and then actually link to the page where you do that. I wouldn't be suprised if a lot of telltale fans got frusterated and left, never to use the forums.
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