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We want TOMI on XBL !!!!!

posted by Fliter on - last edited - Viewed by 7.3K users
I am maybe the only one on earth that is waiting for TOMI on XBL since the original release...

Why?!?! Because I have enjoyed so much playng S&M on the sofa with the joypad that I i just consider this as the only way to play TOMI...

Now TOMI has been released on PSN...


I am the only one here?!?!

What is that? It is an exclusive agreement with Sony?

It is incredible... xbox360 has only taken old & already (long time) released TellTale games...
PS3 get S&M3 and now TOMI....

Bad move Telltale...
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  • Yes, because Telltale only has to snap their fingers to have the game on Xbox, and the only reason they're not doing it is because of a personal hate against Xbox users. :rolleyes:

    Porting a game to another console requires work. They need to adapt the Xbox portion of their engine, since like you said, only older games are released on that console, and the Telltale Tool has advanced for ToMI. They're already swamped with other projects, they've got Sam & Max Season 3 going on, Puzzle Agent is coming out in a couple of weeks, and they're working on the two new Universal games, not to mention the secret projects they're undoubtedly working on.
    Since Telltale has stated over and over again their aim is to get their games on as much platforms as possible, it's pretty likely ToMI will get ported to the Xbox. But it'll take a bit of patience on your side, and not random, unfounded accusations.
  • I agree with the both of you.

    I'd also love ToMI on XBLA, but don't be a child about it that it came on PSN first.

    But if it skips xbla ? *a needle on a telltale voodoo doll* (thanks voodoo lady :p)
  • To be fair, it requires more work to port a Windows native game to the PS3 than to the XBox. Much more. But, there's no reason to believe that they won't put it on the 360 eventually. They're just giving the PS3 owners some love right now. It would be counterproductive to release the XBox version and PS3 versions at the same time. They want to give the PS3 version a chance for sales first. Especially with the lack of TTG content it has compared to the XBox. Just be patient. It'll come soon enough.
  • Does the new PSN version include surround sound or anything? If it doesn't, I don't know why anyone would be interested on XBL or PSN releases.

    Unless they have cheap computers
  • Not everyone who owns a PS3 or XBox automatically has surround sound. Or even HDTVs for that matter. It's just there for the people who only have said consoles and nothing else (no PC or Wii or anything).
  • thin029 wrote: »
    I don't want something, so no one else should want it either.

    Oh, okay.
  • thin029 wrote: »
    Does the new PSN version include surround sound or anything? If it doesn't, I don't know why anyone would be interested on XBL or PSN releases.

    Unless they have cheap computers

    I have a good computer and could run ToMI with the highest visual settings.
    I was still impressed by this version.

    It could just be me but the audio did sound better, and just as with Sam & Max, they made it very console friendly.
  • I really do not believe that this situation is due to conversion issues.

    At this point is quite universally recognized that it is far more difficult to port a game over a PS3 than on Xbox360.
    Consider also that convert a game from Windows to Xbox360 it is quite a simple task today.

    I really do not want to be polemical, but I really do not understand the business choices made by TellTale.

    A game like TOMI should have been released worldwide for all the possible platform at the same time! Or at least as soon as possible (x example as soon as all episode have been released for the PC).

    It is also hilarious to note how TellTale have released on XBL only OLD games long time already available for other systems! And maybe they have the courage to be unhappy with the sales results!

    Release S&M Season 3 contemporary on PC, Xbox & PS3… It will be interesting to see which platform will perform better sales results…

    I am also curious to see how well S&M3 is performing on PS3…

    I said it before, and I say it again…bad move TellTale, really really bad move!
  • They don't always have the available resources to port everything to every console, they port everything everywhere they can as soon as they are able to.
  • it will come.
    XBLA is still the biggest market for "revival" games.
    But tbh I have no clue how well Adventures sell on XBLA.

    How was it with Sam&Max? Good sales?
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