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Upgrade to full season: was it done?

posted by jn1978 on - last edited - Viewed by 262 users
Let me explain my problem: I was one of the few who had to use paypal to order anything, and could not, at the time, order the full sam&max season with it. Now that the problem is solved, i upgraded to full saeson, as said in the email i received, and it seems to have worked: i paid the price, received email confirmation of my paiement, and put that problem aside, waiting patiently for the release of "situation:comedy". Now that's very close, and i check my telltale account, under "past purchases"... I can see my order for "culture schock", alright, as well as another order for... Nothing? no mention of "Sam&Max saeson upgrade", no price, just a date and an order number? Will things go right? will i receive properly the long-awaited email with the praised link to download the next episode? will the activation of said episode be as simple as the first, for me? Will i get to play, and laugh, or will i get to wait, again, and cry, for i shall not have my dose of Dog-and-rabbity goodness?
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  • Were you one of the ones who emailed Emily originally? There was a bug that caused our site to not correctly resolve the order confirmation back into a product that affected the first group of people that Emily emailed about the upgrade. I still need to write a script to fix that so it shows up in your order history, but that's as far as the problem exists. Your order is fine.
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