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Adventure Click Forum Image Contest

posted by GTALostHeaven on - last edited - Viewed by 625 users
I need a new Title image for my forum
This is what I came up with quickly, but it isnt very pretty,


Im no good with image creation.

So I thought we could have a lil contest to see who can make the best title image
*The dimensions must be 988 x 200 which is optimised for 1024 x 768 desktop screens

*Must be Jpeg or PNG

*Closing date for the submission of images will be next Saturday 26th 12pm GMT

*Then from that time we will run a poll here to 2nd July 12pm GMT, so you guys n galls can choose the winner.

*One Entry Per Person

*Prize Winner will receive A 'gifted' digital copy of Puzzle Agent on 1st July 2010
Adventure Click Review forum is for Adventure Game Reviews and Information Only, not idle chat (we'll leave that for Telltale :p)

Please feel free to replay a Telltale Game (or any PNC Quest) and leave a review. If the game your playing isnt listed yet let me know and I will add it. If your not in the mood to play a game at the moment Sam & Max Season 3 Episode 3 is out soon so It would be really great if you'd review that when you' ve completed it.

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