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Idea for Telltale support

posted by Macfly77 Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 287 users
First of all, sorry about what I'm about to do, but I will post this thread in all three support forums.
Secondly, I also want to apologize in advance if this (or something like this) has already been mentioned before.

Here goes:

It seems to me that a lot of people are having trouble receiving e-mails from Telltale support.
It could of course be due to some spam filters not being set up correctly (or being set up a little TOO correctly ;)) but I also noticed that a lot of people mention that there is no sign of a reply in their spam folder (or that their spam filters are altogether disabled, or that Telltale support is in their safe list,...) even though Telltale has actually replied to their ticket.
Back in September (iirc), Telltale support did some testing of their support system by asking people to e-mail them with a fake (predetermined by Telltale) problem and then keep track of the automated and personalized replies to their ticket.
I remember that several people (I was one of them) received the automated but not the personalized reply (I actually sent an e-mail from both my e-mail addresses and one of them - the Hotmail one, of all things - DID get the personalized reply).
I am not sure if Telltale ever located the problem, but it seems that it is still happening, as nary (never thought I'd use that word... hopefully, I'm using it right!) a day goes by when several thread aren't started by people who did not get a reply to their ticket.
Oftentimes, someone from Telltale will tell them that a reply had been sent and ends up re-sending the reply in the form of a private message.

Here's my suggestion:

Since a lot of the problems end up being solved via private message, would it be difficult for Telltale to skip a step (in this case, the customer's complaint on the forum that Telltale's apparently ignoring them) by sending a private message AT THE SAME TIME as they send the e-mail reply?
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  • What you're saying is basically a support ticket system, like Steam's. (except it can be started by email instead of through the website)
    I agree, it would work better.
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