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Video Game Feelies

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been thinking about various video game feelies, with so many of us awaiting the Tales deluxe edition and voodoo cards, so I thought it'd be cool to have a thread to show off everyone's collections of video game feelies. I'm including homemade items and things that aren't technically feelies but are close enough.

So here's my collection. Conveniently enough, the Monkey Island feelies are both homemade, the TF2 feelies are both close enough, and the others are actual feelies.


Clockwise from top:

Feast for the Senses Menu/Map: Read all about it here.

Dead Ringer: It may not be exact, but not only was this pocket watch nearly perfect for my BLU Spy costume, it was also very cheap. A win-win!

Eon Ticket (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire): This is one of the coolest concepts for a feelie. Essentially, Nintendo distributed an e-Reader card with the Eon Ticket printed on it which would unlock the corresponding item inside the game. The e-Reader may suck, and the ticket may just be a card, but being given an item for your game in the real world is awesome.

Paper Voodoo Doll: The pins have been replaced with magnetic push pins sticking it on my dry erase board.

EVE Hypo: A replica from Bioshock. Looks awesome when turned on in the dark.

Ocarina of Time: From Songbird Ocarinas. It's tiny, the holes don't match the game, and it can't even hit the corresponding note for top-C in the games (preventing me from playing Zelda's Lullaby, Epona's Song, the Minuet of Forest, the Sonata of Awakening, the New Wave Bossa Nova, the Elegy of Emptiness, the Oath to Order, and most infuratingly, the Song of Storms), but at least it's an Ocarina. Still, I'd like to get one from STL Ocarinas.

Butterfly Knife Trainer: Also for my BLU Spy costume, it's an almost perfect replica of the one in the game, but with the added bonus of being convention safe and unable to cut me (though I did do a very good job of not getting cut when using my friend's real knife).

And here's a picture of the EVE hypo lit up in the dark.

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  • I'm having trouble imagining how a Lego one would work.

    It's made out of those pieces from Bionicle, even a video on youtube how to build it.

    And looks like Balisongs is just illegal here, wither is sharp or not.
    Post office here will just send it strait back, no matter what.
    Also, there's the BaliYo, which is a balisong-styled space pen manufactured by Spyderco. On the plus side, it's plastic and can't possibly be mistaken for a knife, plus you can get one for pretty cheap. The downside is that it's plastic, so even with the small metal weights they add to the handles, it's still very lightweight. That said, I've had lots of practice and can do pretty much everything I can do with my trainer with my pen.

    Well it's and option, and I can write with it. :p
    Don't think I will have a problem getting that across the border.
  • I'm not sure about their legality for home use
    What exactly is the "home use" of a butterfly knife? Cutting your steak? Spreading cream cheese?
  • Okay, perhaps home possession would've been better phrasing. When I was borrowing my friend's, I used it for opening things, since it was nearby and easily opened with one hand.
  • I used it for opening things, since it was nearby and easily opened with one hand.
    I think my kitchen knives win then, because they all are already "open". Don't see the point of a butterfly knife, other than "come at my home and look at me, I'm badass, because I can do tricks with a knife". Or of course "I'll kill you!"
  • Except for when you're in the basement, away from the kitchen, one room over from the room in which your butterfly knife resides.

    Honestly, I'm not arguing that it makes sense to buy a butterfly knife specifically to use for stuff like that, but if you do happen to have one, that can be a convenient use for it. They're more for collection value and learning tricks, which isn't any less stupid than learning card shuffling tricks or how to flip poker chips.

    Also, before I borrowed it, my friend once used his to break into his car by prying the little side window open. Not saying it's the smartest use, though.
  • All right, a multi purpose tool then. In the form of a knife.

    Ah well, I could stab people with my pencils as well, so everything is a weapon anyway.
  • As always:



    I want to know how you got these things. i want one!
  • I'm pretty sure he (or she, I dont know) made them.

    That said. Does a plushie of a Shadow Gelert count?
  • Only if you post it. (I have a Cloud Elephante, but not with me, sadly ...)
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