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  • Of course, I read "casual" and was getting ready to hear about your love/sex life. Should have realised this wasn't the general forum.

    Yes, you can get stuck for the cucumbers, but yes Sam & Max know what to say/do. They know for the tree hands, and they know for the cucumbers the first time, but then you can get trapped again and the option won't appear in the dialogue anymore.

    Going from someone's post about that when episode 2 came out.
  • Ummm I beat reel one THEN learned about the cucumbers and hande hande hande(but I really didnt need to know the hande hande hande though)
  • Good to know, and sorry to disappoint. ;)
  • WarpSpeed;330177 said:
    Good to know, and sorry to disappoint. ;)
    You can get a fun little glitch out of not knowing the cucumber joke. Though I would have loved to see that be one of the "bad endings," with them stuck as bas-relief for centuries to come.
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