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Problems using discount coupons while preordering Puzzle Agent

posted by Carlos-SolRaC on - last edited - Viewed by 322 users
I first sent an email to TellTale Games, but I haven't received the automatic answer informing me of the issue numbre. I also have not received the answer. I sent the following email:

So I entered today in your store, preordered the puzzle agent and added the season upgrade to the Cart. Everything goes fine until here (I have a 50% discount on the season upgrade, ok). I want the season upgrade because I already have the first episode from ToMI, in where I recently (2 or 3 weeks ago) played the Treasure Hunting. I earned several prices, because I collected the 10 maps. Five of those presents were 1$ discount coupon. I would like to use them in this Cart, but now I realise two problems:

The first of all, the discount coupons are all the same code. I only have two different, because the five coupons are:






As you can see, I have three of the same and two of another. So, I haven't got 5$ in discount coupons, I only have 2$!

The second problem is that when I introduce any discount coupon, you only aply... 0.28$ !? Why?

I really want to buy this offer, and I'm afraid it will end up soon. Please, I need your advice as soon as possible.

PS: I have been sure all this time, but now I have my doubts... I can use more than one discount coupon, can't I?

Regards, I await your answer.


As you can see, I have a few questions in the same email. At first, I'd like to know why have I received the same coupons, and if it is normal. I got them 2 weeks ago, so they must be valid today. I also want to know why do I get a 0.28$ discount instead of the 1.00$ discount. And at last, I also want to know if there is a maximun number of discount coupons you can use in the same Cart. I'm from Spain, so please excuse my english...

If anyone could help, I'd be very thankful.
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  • Cupons being the same - it's normal.

    Only 28 cents - glitch that happens when you try to use the $1 off cupon together with the Puzzle Agent discount... I suggest you save the cupons for a different order in the future :)

    Limit to number of cupons - as far as I know you can add as many as you want, but it might cause some glitches.
  • Thankyou, NeatNit. But... does this mean that TTG can't solve this problem of the glitch?

    Also, you answered that you can use various cupons... But when I put the first one and then I put the second one, the first one dissapears...
  • I guess I was wrong then, sorry :P

    What two cupons were you trying to use? Assuming it was the two $1-off cupons you had, then it's probably intentional.
  • Thank you for your help. I've bought it, so now I'll wait for TTG's answer for the future use of the cupons.
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