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Who stole maxes brain?

posted by The Strong Sad on - last edited - Viewed by 349 users
The cockroach... It's in the little thumbnail for the episode... Mystery solved...;)
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  • Holy crap

    the zombies

    EDIT: Damn forums took my caps
  • Yeah, just like Max was the one who brainwashed the $@!)& Poppers, and Sam was Roy G. Biv!

    They're in the little thumbnails for the episodes...
  • It wasn't stolen it was misplaced.
  • come on, we all know that it was Sam from the future who went back to the past because he needed Max's brain to do something
  • I stole max's brain
  • I'm just saying that the cockroach was the one suspect in the thumbnail for the episode so he has to play a large part. You can look at all the thumbnails and every one of the characters in the thumbnails play huge parts in the episode.
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