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Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse: They Stole Max's Brain! Discussion!

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Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
They Stole Max's Brain!

It's here! Download it from the Sam & Max site, or your games page.

Watch the They Stole Max's Brain trailer on Telltale's YouTube channel!

Reviews and stuff
Reviews are starting to appear! Beware of :spoil-o: :spoil-o: :spoil-o:! Is it out yet? When will it be released?
It's out!

How about a "Did You Try?" list?
Here's the "Did You Try" thread!

Where can I see art from the game?
The season-wide trailer and stuff is on the official site. You may also want to take a look at the Telltale blog, which includes this episode's trailer and some screenshots!

What is the official marketing spiel for this game? I am dying to know and love marketing text!!!
"You wouldn't want to see freelance shamus Sam when he's steaming mad. Someone's snatched his little buddy's noodle, gunning for control of its bizarre psychic powers. Now Sam's rolling up his sleeves, smacking heads, and throwing slugs -- whatever it takes to get back what's rightfully Max's!
But who's behind this egregious theft? The giant space gorilla? The suspicious-looking cockroach? Or maybe the fishy dame that runs the local greasy spoon? And who -- or what -- is a Yog Soggoth?
Find out in "They Stole Max's Brain," the third episode of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse!"

So we're at the midpoint! When you guys complete this episode you'll be over half way done. Let's hear it ... What do you think? Let's talk about games!
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  • YAY! Downloading NOW!
  • Just played for the first minutes (till first available save) and it's just GREAT!! THAT's noir atmosphere mixed with great Sam and Max humour....I was lying on the floor when Sam accuses someone to lie who is obviously not. Until now greatest episode ever - hope it stays this good till the end!
  • Looks fun, waiting for a Steam version to arise.

    Oh wait, there it is!
  • It was great as usual. Looking forward to next month's episode!
  • Oh, I didn't get the usual email.

    Anyway, downloading...

    Thanks TT! The fun week of the month begins! XD
  • Just taking a break when at the museum.
    Initial response: Almost got me scared the whole game was only going to be chat based and nothing else, without any save points.
    But luckily there seems to be more (currently at the museum entrance and managed to make my first save)
  • Superb episode. I loved it. Review (for Mixnmojo) should be up soonish, aka once this bloody email of mine decides it wants to stop being a prissy and lets me access my inbox (which is where I sent the review). Or I finish re-writing the whole review. Whatever comes first.
  • hey im in the US and my ps3 isnt showing it yet what time r they going to send it out to us does anyone know?
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