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Order Issue

posted by Thrak on - last edited - Viewed by 203 users
I placed an order on March 14 of this yeah and have not heard a thing about it since. This order Contained the following Items:

Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition Package
Tales of Monkey Island DVD with Steve Purcell slipcase
Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition
Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
Tales of Monkey Island Drinking Vessel

I have been getting the Sam & Max Season Three Episodes, but the other items have never shown up. It says that there is one or more items backordered on the account page but I have never gotten an explaination as to what is back ordered or when I will receive my order. This is almost $70 worth of stuff and you guys got your money the day I ordered it. When can I expect to receive my order. It is order # 600054818397850
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  • Hi Thrak,
    It's the Deluxe Edition holding things up. We're assembling the treasure box now and should be able to ship as early as this week. We're very close to shipping them out now.

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    Macfly77 Moderator
    I believe that the Deluxe edition is the last of the TOMI-related "backordered" items and should start shipping in the next few days.
    EDIT: Bonnie beat me to it while I was double-checking my "facts"! ;)
  • Thanks Bonnie, I knew that if anyone would know it would be you :D I really wasn't worried too much, but It has been a few months since the order :D
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