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A Mistake in 303? (spoilers)

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Ok so Sammun-mak's brain was preserved and that is why most of the episode plays out. But the Egyptains considered the brain the most useless organ in the body (they believed the Heart was the seat of knowledge) and after using a tool (like the brain screw) to remove one from a soon to be mummified corpse they threw it out. So how could Sammun-mak know he would need his brain and how did the moles knew to take it out?

Also where was that cool scene from 301 (I'm not gonna rest until I find the guy who killed my partner!)?
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  • It was probably thought to be the source of the psychic power
  • He was a psychic pharaoh who was worshiped by molepeople, they weren't going for historical accuracy. He speaks English with a vaguely British accent, too, that would also be unlikely. Not to mention talking dog, lagomorph, cockroach and space gorillas.
  • Fecking double post.
  • Sorry, that just stuck out at me.
  • Avel;331427 said:
    Didn't he state that that (pickle juice and crocodile tears) was joke and that the gift kept his brain alive?
    Yes, but they likely still would have thrown out the brain if he hadn't given them specific instructions for it. Foresight or not, that probably saved him :rolleyes:
  • Psychonauts, anybody?
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