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  • I'm glad it didn't drag on too long. It was like playing three different episodes, and I would have liked it if they'd divided it up into a few weeks to reduce the waiting.
  • I have to disagree. This felt like one of the longest episodes of Sam and Max yet. Part of that may have been the scope. Having numerous different scenarios in one episode made it feel more grand than most, but even given that it still felt longer than really any other episode I can remember.

    I definitely didn't feel the puzzles were easier either. I got stuck a few times, which I can't recall happening in either episode 1 or 2. (Especially 1, where Future Vision practically outright gave you the answer to half the puzzles.) They certainly weren't the hardest puzzles ever, but they did feel more clever and well designed than most.
  • I didn't think it was short at all, but then again, I repeated the interrogations a number of times to fully explore every dialogue option, and so on.

    As for the puzzles, they weren't too challenging, but I don't think The Penal Zone was any harder (and The Tomb of Sammun-Mak was much easier, imo).
  • I felt it was short, but the puzzles pretty much on par with the rest of the season.
    It works short though. Any longer and it would've felt dragged out, for sure.
    Brilliant humour.
  • What often happens to me in these games is that I have at least one thing in my inventory that I just keep STARING at, wondering, "Wtf am I going to use this for?" Or there's an interactive section of a location that I keep passing and fiddling with, hoping that it will become meaningful at some point. Then when it finally does, I have the moment of incredible revelation (which is often very funny).

    This game didn't have either of those things going on, because it really couldn't. In my mind, a smaller selection of objects that interact with each other means that the puzzles are easier as a group. An individual puzzle might be comparable, but if I'm not trying out 4 or 5 objects at every location, I'm going to get through them more quickly.
  • museum has a arch waif a doll head on it hint hint
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