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Getting email on the wrong email adr

posted by nextnx on - last edited - Viewed by 366 users
I bought S&M S1 with one email adr
Created my user profile here with another email adr
Which is the way I wanted it to be
Afterwards I had to get an admin to join my order to my forum profile
I just received the mail with Ep2 release on the forum profile email adr. but I really wanted it sent to the email adr I use to order the game with.
Any idea? :confused:

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  • Hi there,

    The only way to link your order with your Telltale account is if they have the same email address.

    If you want the email address for your order changed back, we can do that, but the order won't show up in your past purchases area anymore.

    Just let me know how you want it to be, and we'll fix it for you.
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