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Sammun-Mak appreciation thread

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Sammun-Mak is mighty!
Sammun-Mak is grand!

I found the hail Sammun-Mak stuff way funnier than I should have.
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  • I loved the way Sam would smile after doing the salute.

    Also, was Sammun-Mak voiced by Nikki Rapp? It sounded like her, but I wasn't sure.
  • The greatness of Lord Sammun-Mak is more than we can stand!

    I loved Sam's smiles after the salute too. And how he somehow gets deaf whenever he's kneeling.
    @thesporksman: Yes, it was Nicki Rapp.
  • I also loved when he smiled after the salute. For some reason, the lighter and softer desert part was a welcome thing, because I was feeling this season will be too epic for its own sake.

    And Sammun Mak as an ally was awesome too.
  • Sammun-Mak is handsome!
    Sammun-Mak is cute!

    :D lol
  • He he yeah he was a pretty cool villian, though at start i did not think he'd be the main villian!

    All hail Sammun-Mak!
  • bleh, bleh, bleh Sammun-Mak we give a big salute.


    WAIT! I mean- um... NO! I LOVE SAMMUN-MAK! Don't take me away! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • Heretic! :mad:

    ...Lord Sammun-Mak just now declared emoticons to be greatest thing ever. But he hates saying "a" instead of "an" before a consonant, so I'm sure he'll overlook your flaws.
    thatheretic98" said:
    bleh, bleh, bleh Sammun-Mak we give a big salute.
    "When we think of Sammun-Mak, we give a great salute!"

    I think?
  • I enjoyed the character, but I loved the way he looked. I think they really nailed the design -- Max in pharaonic headgear and the false beard. Totally tops the sock crown and I loved that, too.

    I hope there's a wallpaper of Sammun-Mak on his throne.
  • I'm a little confused. Sammun-Mak didn't look very young in those pictures depicting his rise to power in his tomb back in Episode 2.
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