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Whoops, your download link's a little past its prime

posted by Ney on - last edited - Viewed by 573 users
Ok i (finally) got my download email I thought. BUT after visiting the link i get:
Whoops, your download link's a little past its prime. To activate your game, click here to download the demo, then insert your order id (4771355900).

Ok now the other link in the email directs me to the Find your Order page, but doesnt respond at all. So Any solutions for this, or should I just go to bed and try again tomorrow?
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    Ok I read Emily's post about and i am now happily downloading the game (albiet a bit slow but nm that I am happy).
    I just hope that the email send out next time will work, this is a bit cumbersome. Oh well :)

    Edit: I actually gotthe download mail twice, with slightly different links, but both giving the same messgae o.O
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    Ok I now got a THIRD non working link per e-mail (and yes they are all different). I'm baffled.
  • Hey, Ney. :D

    Sorry the links in the email(s) didn't work. Glad did the trick.
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