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Sam And Max S3 E3 Walkthrough

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Sam And Max: The Devil's PlayHouse: THEY STOLE MAX'S BRAIN!
By SamAndMaxFan188

Act I:
So By Watching The Opening Sequence You'll Find Out That THEY STOLE MAX'S BRAIN! So Through Anger And Rage Sam Becomes A Dirty COP!
When Your Talking To The Molemen,
First Click Hurry It Up
Then Click The Your Lying
You'll Find Out That Skunkape Got Out Of The Penal Zone, Took The Devil's Toybox, and STOLE MAX'S BRAIN!
Then You Will Get To This Space Ape Holding A Sign
First Listen To His Story Then When He Mentions A Rat Click What Rat[/B
He'll Tell You About Frankie The Rat, So Looks Like You Got Another Perp To Interrogate.
When You Get To Frankie The Rat,
He'll Tell You He Was Giving Directions To A Tourist
Click Directions Where
He'll Tell You Where He Sent Him So You Can Interrogate The Tourist
So Now When You Get To The Tourist
Just Keep Clicking Tell Me More, When Your Talking
Then Click Leave When He's Done
Now Go Back To Frankie The Rat On The Map That Appears
When You Talking
Click Your Lying
Click Threaten
Click Hurry It Up
Listen To This Whole Part Of The Story No Click
Then Click Tell Me More
Then Leave And Go To The Dark Alley On The Map
When Your Talking To The Tourist
Click Hurry It Up Twice
Then Click Your Lying[
Then Leave
The When You Leave And Get Past The Cutscene With The Cops
Go To The Sign Spinner
Then Click Your Lying
Click Tell Me More
Listen To This Part Of The Story No Click
The Click Noir
Then Watch The Cutscene Congrats Your Done With Act I.

Act II
When You Get To The Museum Go Up The Stairs To The Light Show
After The Cutscene Opitional(Click On Everything And Everyone To Get Info On Everything Thats Going On) Or Go To Sam
After The Gorillas Search
You'll Meet Sal The Security Guard. He Won't Get In Your Way But He'll Throw Max's Body Into The Incinerator If It Isn't Alive. And Max's Brain Is With Sunkape And Papierwaite, Hmmm What To Do What To Do?
So Now Go To The Egypt Exhibit On The Left Side Of The Stair Case
Click On The Pharaoh's Brain
Leave And Put The Brain In Max.
Click On The Max Icon After The Cutscene To Get The Rhinoplasty.
Go Back To Sam
Walk In A Circle Around The Exhibits (Not Going Up-Stairs) Till You Get To The Space Gorilla. Then Walk UP-Stairs Go To The baner And Walk To Papierwaite's Office To The Rigth. Oops! Gaurded By Evil Tentatcles. So Go Up The Stairs On The Right, And Go To The Hindenburg Picture. Use The Rhinoplasty On It, And Become It. The Go To The Yog-Soggoth Exhibit On The Right Side On The Main Floor. (Its The One With The Sword And Shields) Then When Hindenburg/Max Flys In Front Of The Portrait, Shoot The Hindenburg. It Will Set Fire To It And Might Get The Atention Of Papierwaite. After The Cutscene Go Back To Sam.
Click On The Telephone To The Left Of Sam
Then Click On The Max Icon, Click The Phone, And Click Office.
Click The Max Icon And Use The Rhinoplasty On Map On The Desk.
Then Right Click And Click On The Phone And Click On Info Desk. Then There Is A Small Rack Behind That Says "Guided Tour" And There A Little Headset. Click It And Put It On Sal.
Click The Max Icon And Click The Rhinoplasty And Turn Into The City
Then Talk To The Space Ape
Then Click Your Inventory And Click The Remote.
Enter The Buttons Like This 10-4-9
Watch The Cutscene Congrats You've Beaten Act II
So SammunMak Has Made The World Into An Egypt Style World Where Everyone Worships, Him Here's What To Do,
Click On The SammunMak Statue. (The Gold On Not The White One)
Go To The S&M Office And Click On It, Then Go Down.
After The Cut Scene Go Down The Manhole At Stinky's And Talk To The Moles.
Click Salute
After The Cut Scene Click The Max Icon Click The Phone Then Click C.O.P.S
Then Click The Desoto And Go To Frankie The Rat
Click The Phone
The Click The Max Icon And Use The Rhinoplasty On The Toaster Poaster. Then Go To The Desoto And Go To The Musuem
Go Left
Click The Corndogs
Click The Max Icon And Make Him Use The Rhinoplasty Too Turn Into A Toaster.
Click The Corndogs
Go Back To The Enterance And Go Right, To The Control Panel To The Light Show.
Click The Control Panel And Click The Green Button
Try To Go To The Throne Of SammunMak
Then Go Back To The Entrance And Go Out To The Gift Vault
Have Max Turn Into A Toaster And Talk To Sal
Click Gift Then Toaster
Click The Max Icon Then Use The Rihnoplasty On Worse News
Then Click The Max Icon, Click The Phone And Click Stinkys Cell
Use The Rhinoplasty To Turn Into A Strom Cloud.
Talk To Grandpa Stinky And Click Kneel
After The Cutscene Click The Max Icon And Use The Rhinoplasty On The Meesta Card Sign.
Then Click The Phone And Click C.O.P.S
Click The Desoto And Go To The Musuem
Click The Max Icon, Make Him Use The Rhinoplasty To Turn Into The Meestacard
Click The Corndogs
Click The Max Icon, Click The Phone And Go To Frankie The Rat
The Rats Are Making Bets On What Move Skunkape Will Use.
Click The Max Icon And Use Future Vision On The Rats
Based On What They Say Talk To The Rats And Make A Bet On What Move He'll Make.
Click On The Rats And Click Gambling
Then Place A Bet
Once You Get It Right You'll Get The Final Pendant
Now You Have Three Pendants
Go To The Musuem And Go Right And Make Your Way To SammunMak's Throne.
Use The Brain Screw On SammuMak.
When Your Figting Skunkape Do Exactly This
Age Taunt
Moleman Taunt
Taunt x3
Papierwaite Taunt x3
Use Future Vision On Skunkape,Max,Papierwaite
Getting Dumped Taunt
Any Finnish Him
Do This To Defeat Sammunmak
Congrats You've Finnished Sam And Max:They Stole Max's Brain.
Now Sit Back And Watch The Cutscenes
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