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Sam + Max Situation: Comedy - Crash after Credits! (Access Violation error)

posted by MarkoH01 on - last edited - Viewed by 9.8K users

I have waited patiently for the release of the new Episode. What a surprise: I downloaded, launched, looked at the credits and listened to the music...after displaying the game title there was a window saying "Acces violation at 0xA0113F78 (tried to read from 0xA0113F78), Program terminated" - That's it!

I have a SB Live Sound Card and a Geforce 6800GT - AMD CPU. No problems with Episode 1 (just installed it again to test). What can I do?

BTW: I have already tried to delete the prop file - still the same. :(
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  • Same problem here. Quite frustrating after six hours of waiting for that damn e-mail with the download link to arrive...
  • Exactly the same error here! Damn, waited all day to play this
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    Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED
    Is this before seeing Sam & Max in the office, or after the opening cutscene?
  • For me it crashes a few seconds after the opening cutscene, while in the office
  • In my case, it's right after the intro, when the words "Situation: Comedy" appear on the screen. I've not seen any opening cutscene yet :-(.
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    Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED
    Welshy: Sounds like it's crashing when saving the game. If you don't have the latest video drivers, please try updating them.

    Kettenbach2: I'm still looking into that part of the game...
  • Thanks for such a quick reply =)

    Unfortunately i've downloaded my latest drivers and its still crashing, the game loads up and im actually able to play it for about 1-3 minutes each time before it crashes. I tried saving when i get the chance and it doesnt seem to be causing the problem.

    Edit: I get exactly the same error message as above, and episode 1 worked perfectly on this machine
  • For me it crashes right while displaying "Situation: Comedy" with a black screen as background.

    I just tested again: I start Sam + Max using the Launch button in the Window and then I can press Space to Skip Intro - that's exactly the moment the error message appears. I have newest NVidia Driver and also tried to disable all my audio codecs. :(
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    Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED
    Please try running in a window (Alt+ENTER) and turning the graphics quality down.
  • Kevin wrote: »
    Please try running in a window (Alt+ENTER) and turning the graphics quality down.

    Still crashing for me im afraid, i've also tried right clicking on the .exe and changing the compatibility options but still nothing.

    I feel like a right pest now :confused:
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