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hit the road

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Sam and max hit the road was the original game.

man that brings back memories.......
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    i freakin' LOVED that game so it truly is one of the best games ever. man, i really can't wait for this game to come out. i'm not really sure about the whole episode deal that I've read me old school i guess.
  • Episodic means lots of games. Shorter games to be sure but plenty of Sam and Max related fun nonetheless!

    Also, Sam and Max was indeed one of the best games ever. I really can't stress just how awesome Psychonauts is as well though. Sorry for the shameless plugging but it really annoys me that hardly anyone has bought it. Can't wait for the upcoming Sam and Maxy goodness!
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    It is my favorite game of all time.. I just cant tell you how much I enjoyed it when It came out.. I've been following sam and max ever since.. I've never come close too laughing as much as I did with Hit The Road, with any other game I've played since.
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    Yep, same here.

    Im not yet out of highschool, but ah, the stories I can tell (AHHH!!! MAKE HIM STOP SAM! HES GOING TO TELL A STORY!!!!)

    12 hours later...

    ...And then there was the time that we all got our taxes done by a platypus...

    (that was from the game)

    Ever since I finished the game, a part of me cracked. Luckily, I had just learned how to use the internet, and soon, that crack was filled with a game called "neopets" (it was a long time ago, ok). After neopets, I went on to Runescape. I then heard about the new game getting cancelled. I was distraught... Or not... I had found something else... Just as good and memorable... Someting that excecised my amazing ability to remember inane phrases and lines, which was rusting since I finished Hit the Road...

    That, was Homestar Runner. It kept my sanity...

    Hellava story, huh?

    Ok, I lied a bit, but my life so far was something like that...
  • I would say that Hit the Road helped to shape my sense of humor to what it is today. Along with films like Monty Python's Holy Grail and Airplane and Naked Gun. I blame it all on them.
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