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Skunkape x Papierwaite Appreciation Thread

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I can't believe they broke up! :eek:

I really thought they were forever, didn't you?
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  • *sigh* Yeah they would have made a great team if they concentrated more. Both of them are awesome villians!
  • But how has Papierwaite managed to stay alive for over a century? And wait a second, gorillas can't talk! No no no, nothing about this makes any sense at all!
  • EXCLUSIVE! Papierwaite reveals all on his messy breakup. Meanwhile, General Skunkape spotted having lunch with Hugh Bliss!
  • So Papierwaite's available? (What can I say? I'm a sucker for men of indeterminate accents. ;) )
  • Not to mention older OLDER men :P
  • Oho, Light. Is there something you're not telling us?
  • You know, I was wondering why Skunkape traipsed around in that skimpy bondage outfit that showed red hiney. He was hoping to get some intergalactic action! Granted, he flirted heavily with Stinky, but he could be bisexual, or still in the closet.

    Suddenly, I'm envisioning Skunkape and Papierwaite getting into a fight over Max's brain, and eventually they end up hitting and wrestling each other. Then Max says something about the two wrestling together, they stop, back away, blush a little, then get back into a general space-tech vs. arcane magic brawl.
    I wonder if I should draw this or something...
  • don't mind grate now my bran is dead thanks
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