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Lucas Arts Should buy Telltale

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what do you think?
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  • No thanks..... I do not want TTG to stop making Adventure games.
  • Irishmile;333777 said:
    No thanks..... I do not want TTG to stop making Adventure games.
    Lucas Arts could give them more money to make there games even better
  • eh Lucas Arts is going back to making Adventure games so they might as well get telltale to help them out
  • Telltale employees left LucasArts for a would kind of defeat the whole purpose of them branching out on their own to just be merged back with them. No, they should stay where they are and make it on their own. No mergers. No buy-outs. They really don't need it.
  • MusicallyInspired;333805 said:
    Telltale employees left LucasArts for a reason...
    yeah but Lucas Arts is making Adventure games again so Telltale might as well get back with Lucas Arts. Lucas Arts has a lot more money and could fund Telltale
  • Read my edit regarding money. And no, LucasArts aren't making adventures again. They remade and re-released a few. But they haven't made any new titles yet. Just because they've done this doesn't mean they're going to suddenly support adventures all-out again. I certainly don't want them to buy Telltale. Maybe they could partner and work together, but I don't want LucasArts owning any part of Telltale. It's too dangerous what with LucasArts' unpredictable nature.
  • This might be the worst idea ever. Lucasarts couldn't give them "more money" because their sales have to be higher in order to be able to spend money on a project, money doesn't just fall from the sky. Their sales must be greater than or equal to their budget for a title, otherwise they're losing money. Spending more money on a game doesn't mean it will have more sales.
  • I laughed when I read the title
  • Why does everyone hate Lucas Arts now?
  • I respect TTG for keeping it real LA hasn't kept it real since the mid 90s...
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