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Upgrades Disorder

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Well... I've recently been sending things to the Cart like mad, but waiting for a friend to decide if he want a TMI gift or not, meanwhile, I got a couple of free episodes (Penal Zone and Muzzled) and I think there must have been some kind of problem with the adding-removing thing cause after completing the Penal Zone "purchase" I wasn't able to add the DVD upgrade of S&M Season 2 I've been adding to my chart days ago... I sent an email but I haven't received answer yet.

OK, then I put on the Cart a S&M Season 3 upgrade (yeah, loved Penal Zone) but I have just removed minutes ago to claim the free Muzzled episoded for a friend (I'm trying hard to get him into TellTale :D) but now I can't find the Devil's Playhouse Season Upgrade, and I don't know if you have removed to avoid an Upgrade+50% disccount or it's the same problem I have with the Season 2 DVD, that the system for some reason thinks that I've already ordered it...
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  • there is a Season 3 upgrade already?
  • At least there was... two days ago...
    Hey there, we're sending you this email because you signed up for our newsletter during a special promotion we were running on our site. Here's a coupon code for a copy of "The Penal Zone", the first episode in the new Sam & Max season:


    If you like it, you can pick up the rest of the season here. Plus, you'll save $8.95 off the cost of the full season if you upgrade!
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