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Your opinion on The Geek. Like her or Hate her?

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Well Saw a little discution on this matter on an unrelated thread and I decided to make this poll and opinion thread so you guys can opinion on your Hatred or Love of The Geek

My opinion:Yeah, I Hate her!! :D
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  • ...*Ducks head in shame*

    ......*Still votes "I hate her"*
  • She is ok for the toon... But I am glad she is not in the games..... I like it better when Sam and Max only really have each other..
  • So far I am the only person that liked her. Sure she only fits in the animated series, but she is still awesome. She doesn't need to be anywhere else to be awesome
  • I don't hate her but I think she's annoying and doesn't fit well in the Sam & Max universe.

    This may be a little off topic but I wish [adult swim] would do a new Sam & Max show, but then again they'd probably ruin it...
  • I'm fairly ambivalent towards her. She was a nice foil in the animated series if a bit overdone, but I don't think I'd want to see her again, even in another animated series like the Nelvana one.
  • I took my overall opinion and rounded it up to "Meh." (I just can't bring myself to vote "I hate her.") She's not a bad character, and I think the idea of giving Sam and Max a "Q" who would be responsible for creating their arsenal and various useful gadgets has potential. It just seemed that the writers never really figured out what to do with her.

    On the one hand, she was often shunted to the side or disappeared for episodes at a time so that she didn't interfere with Sam and Max's rapport (understandable). On the other hand, when she did show up, she was just ... kinda there. Trying to act as a "straight man" to Sam and Max, but not in a particularly appealing way. A third-wheeler, effectively.

    Which I think is at the root of the problem, if not the entirety of it. Sam and Max work best together -- just together. I do think the Geek could have been much better incorporated, and maybe that would have come with a would-be second season of the show. But she would continue to have a life-long friendship and conflicting sensibilities to contend with. That's an uphill battle if I've ever seen one ... at least if you want to be a prominent character along with the Freelance Police.
  • She's okay. I found it annoying that Sam and Max were suddenly going on about how great some new character was. I wasn't sure whether I liked her or not until the final episode, when they flash back to when they first met the Geek. Her indifferent "okay" when Sam asks her if she wants to live in their basement and devote the rest of her life to fighting crime was hilarious. She was good in Sam & Max vs the Uglions, too.
  • It's pretty obvious they added her in the animated series because they needed someone for the kids to identify with. And she is a cliche, no doubt about it. But let's not be too hasty to say she has no use in the current canon -- young Amelia Earheart in Episode 2 of this season had a very similar style and she fit in fine.
  • I never liked it when cartoons threw in a character who's only purpose was to be a foil. Besides, having a "normal" sidekick just doesn't work for Sam & Max. Their different types of insanity play off of each other perfectly, and the Geek just feels like dead weight on top of their banter (which already suffers slightly in it's homogenized, kid-friendly cartoon form).

    Don't get me wrong, I love the show. But if they were to revive it sans Geek, I wouldn't miss her for a second.
  • She's purely a plot device for a kids tv series. It's almost cliche that anything like Sam and Max would need a kid character to centralize everything that happens.
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