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    At least Modern Warfail is trying to be unique by splashing orange-lemonade in your face instead of blood.
    And yeah I agree with you here. This genre get's more and more boring fo years now.
  • Actually, it looks to me like a jar of jam exploded in front of the camera!
  • Actually, it looks to me like a jar of jam exploded in front of the camera!

    Maybe some badly coloured strawberry jam. I think I can agree on that.
  • 602_3.jpg

    Looks like they've realised how many children play Modern Crapshot 2 and have self-censored by making them paintball guns.
  • Looks like they've realised how many children play Modern Crapshot 2 and have self-censored by making them paintball guns.

    Nah. They just wanted to cover over half of the screen with it and noticed that while this might look hardcore it makes the player almost completely blind.
  • My favorite is all the people criticizing the "bad framerate" of Puzzle Agent. Some people...
  • I'm almost solely after the Grickle mood, that's the reason why i care about his voice. I expect the music to be moody as well and if there even comes a convincing game then i wouldn't mind. Dunno Prof. Layton is quite lame compared to Grickle if You're looking at the Art only.
  • IMHO both Grickle and Layton art-wise have their own charms. I'm a fan of anime, so the FMV scenes in layton appeal to me. But Grickle's style is one all it's own, and it's a great style at that.
  • One of the biggest problems in modern gaming is the idea that everything's been done to death, so why even focus on invention? If everyone thought like that, then why even bother making games? Just make movies if the puzzles are just hackneyed pauses between scenes that we've seen millions of times already.

    It kills me when people say "I'll settle for unoriginality if the story's good." Why settle? We can have our cake and eat it too!

    I just want to reiterate that I am not talking about Puzzle Agent, a game I have no right to criticize because I have not yet played. I'm talking about the general state of gaming.

    Edit: Also, "creating wholly new ones can be quite the task"? I shouldn't demand more of my games because it might be hard for the designers? Boo hoo for them. I'd gladly wait longer for a truly great game.

    Oh please. Like this has anything to do with what I said.

    Invention, in this case, is making logical conundrums that are topologically different. Anyone who's dabbled just a tad with mathematics, game mechanics or puzzles know that essentially, most of what is produced is very similar in how it functions, if you look at it in a more abstract fashion. Puzzles generally aren't inventive, at all; and they pretty much can't be, unless they're made a lot more advanced.

    This has nothing to do with how gaming as a whole is bad, the strawman-argument of me "settling for less" or whatever you're blabbering on about. This has to do with how designing good games aren't about just sitting down "being innovative", but about making sure the game ends up as a work that feels whole and autonomous. The design process isn't just arbitrary throwing together "innovative" stuff. You've got to take into account if the puzzle elements fits into the story, the feel of the game, if you can incorporate (or even use existing) premises of the setting or artwork, if the puzzle fits the humour or the atmosphere, or even the pacing.

    You act as if similar puzzles is some kind of key indicator of gaming quality in general. Of course it isn't. Yes, gaming is in shambles right now, but that has nothing — at all — to do with how classic puzzles are used in puzzle games like Professor Layton or Puzzle Agent. I can tell you that right now, even without knowing anything about the puzzles in PA. So, let's just wait and see how the puzzles incorporate into the game, and don't get our panties in a twist just because some simpleton over at Joystiq can't think outside of comparisons.
  • @Yadda
    Personally i can't stand the Layton art style.

    On the other Side i really enjoy the Grickle Look and it's One of those rare games where you don't have to differ between the Cover Art and how the Game Looks in real.

    I was often asking for Games which Look like the Concept/Cover Art and here it seems like i get what i want.
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