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Missing item

posted by KevinD872 on - last edited - Viewed by 283 users
I sent an email about a missing item in my order (#25306) on 6/24 but haven't heard back except for the auto-responder. ('issue-32780')

I know you are swamped and are having some difficulties but I just wanted to see if I could get a reply this way in case there are still some email issues going on.

As a side note, I know I was having occasional missing emails from TTG as well as a few other companies and I complained to my site hosting provider who claimed that it was a mail server misconfiguration on the sender's part. Personally I suspected they were just using flaky filters. I've since changed hosting companies and I don't seem to have that problem any more but I just thought I'd throw this out there. While I doubt TTG has their mail server misconfigured, it might explain why there seems to be so many people missing emails all of the sudden. With my old host, support auto-responders still worked but I stopped receiving notifications about game releases. Those have worked again since changing providers. I don't know if this will help TTG or not but what the heck..... :)
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