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Room Key Confusion... is confusing

posted by Allahcalypse on - last edited - Viewed by 6.1K users
I am so totally lost on this one
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  • I was like: /:{(
    But then i was like: (:{D
    In all seriousness, it took me two hints and falling out of my chair to get the solution. I thought the damn squiggle WIDTH and LENGTH were code to the position of the number on the numpad :{\
  • My favourite so far too - I used up all my hints to get there. And even with the final hint it still took me a while to get it.

    Now of course I can't see anything else but the solution when I look at it.
  • I have spent two hints too, but that´s the great of this puzzle. The solution it was so obvious that you begin to over-analyze it.
  • [TTG said:
    Yare;338288']This puzzle is interesting. I saw the answer immediately, but I hear a lot of people having trouble with it. Did anyone else find this puzzle rather easy?
    I found it mid-way. At first I thought it was two numbers being made, then I realised it spelt a word(after a hint).
  • I think this is a terrible puzzle... they look like H's
  • I found it very easy. probably the easiest in the game
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