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Room Key Confusion... is confusing

posted by Allahcalypse on - last edited - Viewed by 6.5K users
I am so totally lost on this one
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  • I have to admit that I didn't get it at first (yup, tried binary), but with some hints I got it. It is a good puzzle.

    As for the complaint about the squigies not being triangles, I thought that they looked like triangles. It's hard to tell the difference, but they are triangular.
  • Yup, I didn't find it either, not without a hint on this board about it being a word.

    The red outline in the hint told me it was a Z or a 2. So that gives 22 + something below (11?) Nothing useful in any way :(

    It's the only puzzle that had me completely stumped with no way to get any further except for browsing this board.
  • When I did read it... It was "HIHE" so I ignored that and thought that maybe it is "88" as there is 8 and two strokes showing count of them.

    Then I thought it was submit count what I was intended to type so I typed "9" when it would be 9th submission attempt.

    Basically it was one of few puzzles I didn't fail because of too vague rules.
  • I over-analyzed it.
    I think that was most people's problem, mine included.
  • I looked at this puzzle for a long time and I finally resorted to looking online to get the answer. The hints had me convinced the answer was twenty...

    If you look at the first section it appears to be an X, the pattern then repeats followed by an = sign.
    So you have X X which in Roman Numerals is 20.

    In addition to support the 20 theory there was:
    line, dot, dot, line
    line, dot, dot, line
    and then an equals sign so I figured Morse Code. I looked up line, dot, dot, line in Morse Code and guess what? The letter X.

    I thought the game had a glitch but it turns out: way too much thinking.
  • If you think that one's hard, try the Monkey Island 2 Hand puzzle.
    I just figured it out yesterday, and I've been playing the game for about 13 years.
    Just waited for a lucky strike the other playthroughs...
  • [TTG] Yare wrote: »
    This puzzle is interesting. I saw the answer immediately, but I hear a lot of people having trouble with it. Did anyone else find this puzzle rather easy?

    I actualy found this very easy. What is funny was my friend showed this to me on his Ipod touch saying it is the hardest one and I got it immediatly.
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