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Cut Your Losses - Mirror Puzzle - need help

posted by Xavian on - last edited - Viewed by 2K users
Has anyone found a way to beat "Cut your losses"?

I've gone through all the hints and still can't give it a solution it will accept.

I've found two different paths that go between all the players and the mirrors while avoiding the brick walls but it won't accept either.

Also one mirror has no path that can go through it. The best I can do is clip its edge but the hint shows the path doing the same thing so that can't be it. Help!

Not this

or this
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  • Here's yet another seemingly iable path it rejects


    With three answers that fit the criteria that don't work, and a mirror that doesn't have a clear path through it even in the hints, I can't help but feel this puzzle is flawed and possibly unsolvable.

    But if anyone can prove me wrong, please do! It's really frustrating me!
  • doesn't one of the hints say that the pass starts and ends on either side of a brick wall? none of the examples you have fit that clue. Also all three aren't hitting that one mirror, the one you mentioned was problematic, but there is a way to go through it and avoid a brick wall, that isn't what you have right now.
  • thanks. I'm glad to know the puzzle wasn't screwed up then.

  • alright well I've solved it but for the record that "correct" solution didn't go through the mirror any more than the other solutions I posted.

    Granted, my solution did not start and end on opposite sides of the brick wall bt that's a bogus reason to reject it because someone not using hints would never see that qualifier. It should have been in the RULES. Not the HINTS. Where the rules are concerned all four of these solutions are equally valid.

    Perhaps placing another mirror to eliminate the alternate paths would be a good idea.

    This puzzle gets a REJECTED stamp for bad design
  • i thought it was screwed up at first because this is what the hints showed me, along with the solution:

  • You'll notice in all 3 of your pictures it doesnt exactly go through one of the mirrors, just clips the black edge border.
    In the correct solution it actually covers up a bit of blue.
  • The goal was to NOT break any mirrors. This means that you have to start with the guy in the top right and work your way from there.
  • jtoast;338088 said:
    The goal was to NOT break any mirrors. This means that you have to start with the guy in the top right and work your way from there.

    That's the first puzzle. If you click on the door again, you get a scenario where the team has been fired and they want revenge by breaking every single pane of glass.
  • I disagree that that needed to be mentioned in the rules. There are a number of cases where things should have been mentioned, such as Hot Hawks failing to mention that all loaded birds must be fully loaded and Going After Glori not mentioning that you can't ride through forests (though this one is a little bit logical). But in this case the fact that the pass ends up on opposite sides of the wall is incidental.
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