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Don't let an eleven year old play it

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Just a warning. Don't let your 11 year old brother play Puzzle Agent first. No matter how big a Layton fan they are. One of the puzzles absolutely horrified him.

This game isn't as family friendly as Telltale's previous titles. It probably should have a warning "Resorts to cheap scare tactics".

That being said I thought the scene was cool, albeit a bit cheap, and it'll scare off any children from playing games in the franchise.
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  • Damn... Now I really want to play it! Cursed iPad wait.
  • Honestly, I wouldn't call that scene "cheap". It was a important part of the story. Also, i'm 13, and I was shocked, but not scared(Actually, I was expecting the game to be scarier that it actually was).
  • I was playing that bit around one in the morning and I nearly woke up my entire family by squeaking. I'm also 20.

    It was awesome.
  • I was almost scared to DEATH when those creepy gnomes showed up. It was a mind screw. I had lost control, and then there was the fact that it was so sudden. That type of thing always scares me.
  • It scared me better than most horrormovies. I think the episode was excellent, innovative and exciting. I was a bit bothered by the extreme limitations of movement and dialogue as it felt like that was just something you wanted to click through until you reached a puzzle, but I still got caught up in the story in the end.

    I would def buy a season.
  • Fucking hell! Just got the shit scared out of me a second time! Those fucking gnomes! I hate them!
  • Don't worry, it only happens those two times in the game...

    ... OR DOES IT???

  • I hate screamers! They suck!

    Layton > Puzzle Agent! No screamers in Layton!
  • How on earth would you put a screamer in Layton?
  • How on earth would you put a screamer in Layton?

    Same way Puzzle Agent did.

    Just finished it. Thought the ending was meh, was hoping for a conclusion, but it's just the first episode in a series of many.

    I'm not a fan of horror, and because of that I wouldn't bother getitng the others in the series. Mostly because the puzzles were vague, and most of the times I failed was because the rules weren't explained, like the lifts mechanics were hazy, and with the footballers it never said if it was allowed to go to a single player only once or multiple times. There were others too.
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