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Do you want this game to be turned into a full season?

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So, do you want it? I would definitely buy it, I loved this game and am looking forward to other pilot episodes!
EDIT: There's a typo on the third option, it should be "and Telltale should focus on better games"
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  • Yes but they should enhance it as well.
  • Well, the filename is Grickle101 and Telltale Games usually has Seasons.
  • Chalk me up for wanting a full season. and a DVD that includes all the grickle videos at the end of it as a bonus. :P
  • I think it could work as a season. Imagine 6 more of this game with different plots and puzzles per game and BAM Puzzle Agent S1. In a season each game should have it's own individual story with some overlying arc to it. All different problems that are all strangely connected. I'd buy that in a heartbeat!
  • I hope eventual future episodes will show us the road to MADNESS!
  • Yeah, it would work great as a Season with individual plots but with an interconnected arch. I'm totally into it.

    And we pilot customers would have a season upgrade disccount... :rolleyes:
  • It seems pretty clear that this is the first episode of a complex story that may or may not have made it to complete production. The episode concludes abruptly, leaving Nelson just as frustrated with the various unanswered questions as we are. I'd be willing to bet money I know exactly what Nelson saw in the astronaut's suit (apparently I remember 2001 better than others here?) ...but why and how are a complete mystery, and I look forward to the continuation of this gripping storyline, along with more great puzzles!
  • It was definitely fun, but not as good as their best games.

    So I would have to debate a little, before buying a full season personally.
  • I think the should branch out a little bit, and get a few more game title's in there all ready epic library
    I would Buy this
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