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Do you want this game to be turned into a full season?

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So, do you want it? I would definitely buy it, I loved this game and am looking forward to other pilot episodes!
EDIT: There's a typo on the third option, it should be "and Telltale should focus on better games"
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  • One of THE most common recurring phrases around our house is, "There needs to be more Puzzle Agent." So obviously I'm in the "yes" camp. I loved this game and would buy a sequel without even thinking about it.

    That said, the survey is going to be more than a little skewed, since it's in the Puzzle Agent forum. :) You're unlikely to get a lot of people who aren't Puzzle Agent fans hanging out here.
  • Yes! I like the unique style it's in, what with the drawings, concepts, characters and it's overall feel. Telltale sure are busy at the moment so I don't know how long we'd be kept waiting between episodes, if they made it episodic that is
  • Not sure if this has been stated but I like how 4 people from the TT team voted yes.
  • Yes, the story isn't finished. We don't know what happened in the factory or why. We don't know what the garden gnomes are up to or some of the town folk for that reason. Why is the significance of the astronaut? Not continuing the series would be like not making a sequel to a new hope.
  • Elvenmonk;389440 said:
    Not sure if this has been stated but I like how 4 people from the TT team voted yes.
    Who were the 4 people? :)
  • I count six, though not all are still with Telltale: Ben, EricP, Jake, Jon, Caleb, and Yare. To see who voted which direction, click on the underlined numbers in the poll.
  • I'd buy a full season in an instant! Can't wait for Nelson Tethers to continue his investigation!
  • I voted no, since the first game felt so incomplete and the ending pretty much turned me off totally.
  • I didn't think Puzzle Agent was a perfect game, but there was so much potential in it's style and gameplay style that it would be a real shame if Telltale never made anymore. I find that non-gamers also seem to really like it. My girlfriend watched me do a couple of puzzles when it first came out, and ended up purchasing it herself, and enjoyed it even more than I did.
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