Puzzle Agent SEASON!!!!!

Ok, I really, really, really, REALLY liked this game, I just think it's awesome and that there should be a complete season of these game, you know why?? Because I want to know what's the freakin' deal with the hidden people. Are they good hidden people? are they bad hidden people? So this poll is about how many of you want a complete season of Puzzle Agent, like me. Maybe some TTG guy will see this thread and say: "Hey, let's do a Puzzle Agent Season!!!"


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    I would LOVE it if this game was turned into a season. Look at who voted "Yes, I loved it!" on my poll. There are some TTG employees there, sp that's a good sign.
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    Hell yeah! :D
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    I vote yes. I hope TTG make more, I would preorder it immediately.
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    I voted yes despite the fact that i havent played it yet
    (please nintendo this monday)
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    Definitely yes! I loved the game, despite the ending being really abrupt.
    After finding Isaac in the factory (and subsequently losing Isaac outside the factory), I figured the investigation would go on, but instead the game sends you back to the office. I hoped there would be a way to go back to Scoggins after the credits rolled, since it seemed there was still so much to do, but sadly, that really was the end.

    More Puzzle Agent please!
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    I voted yes. Still, an entire season might be a little too much even for me. Maybe an episode or two every once in a while between bigger titles.
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    i didn't actually play it but i watched the walkthrough video. to me it seemed more like a movie with a couple minigames but maybe if they make it longer and have more complicated gameplay and if i don't have a heat attack every time those gnomes pop up on the screen i would play it so i vote yes although i think it would be better as a movie series then a video game series.
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    Just finished the game today and I voted a definite YES! Much more Puzzle Agent for me - Pleeeease!
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    One of the best games I've ever played! Be aware that if you don't make a full season or at leats a second episode, the Hidden People will come to take you all away!
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    This was one of the best games I have played in a long time, and I would very much like a season of it!
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    I'm with Slowpoke on the ending. I'd really like to see that resolved.
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    Telltale says that if Puzzle Agent sells well, they might make a whole season....
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    The art, the storytelling and the voice acting is very, very good in this game. The chewing gum thing should be scrapped. Give Nelson infinite gum and alter the story depending on how many pieces he chews.

    Choose your own adventure books and all that.

    Criticisms of the pilot seem to revolve around the dispirate nature of the puzzles and their difficulty. We need closure on this particular story, which probably could be done in another two episodes. They should mirror the level and nature of this pilot.

    To move forward, it would seem wise to produce three or four chapters, seperate from each other, that each have a higher level of difficulty than the last. Rather than introducing a learning curve in a single episode.

    The narrative could reflect this.

    The 'hardest' chapter being set in a North African Desert, with sphinxes and pyramids and all that...puzzle heaven.

    It's brilliant, this, we need more of it.

    In the pilot, the most puzzling of all puzzles seems to have been the one regarding the time of the explosion in the factory, where you have to figure which of the four security guys was on guard just before the explosion took place...it would be fab if these sorts of puzzles neccesitated having to track down the four (or whatever) guys individually, to build up the puzzle.

    So, you solve a couple of puzzles before meeting one of the people present at whatever event you are trying to solve. Apart and separate from that you solve another couple puzzles and meet someone else. ETC ETC. Tether's keeps his notebook and writes down what they all say...finally having all the clues to work out...whatever the puzzle is.

    If there is a criticism that the puzzles are too 'easy' then maybe, all I'm suggesting, is that the puzzles themselves are put together through a narrative device such as this.

    A bit like the cog / gear thing in the pilot.

    It's brilliant.
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    I would like 3 more episodes, to create in total a W&G length season...so therefore we can have more time spent on making more puzzles and increasing the episode's lengths, rather than making episode 5...
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