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Puzzle Agent: Missing GUI widgets in main menu

posted by Tor on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users
Have any of you fine gentlemen seen this issue before?

On my laptop computer, several GUI elements in the Puzzle Agent main menu are invisible. The buttons and controls still work, I just can't see them. I haven't yet started playing the game, just in case parts of the ingame graphics are missing as well.

The laptop uses an Intel 4 series GPU. Everything works correctly on my desktop (ATI GPU), but I'd like to play this game on the laptop because it has tablet functionality (I'd like to use stylus input).

The laptop has Windows XP and Windows 7 installed, I get the same issue in both operating systems. I tried upgrading the graphics driver (from to but this doesn't change anything. Windows Update is enabled and I have all the latest OS updates.

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  • I am having this same exact problem. I'm using a Dell laptop with Windows Vista. I updated the graphics driver when Tales of Monkey Island came out, which fixed all graphics problems that I first experienced with that game. There isn't a newer graphics driver update. I was also worried about in-game issues, but after playing a few puzzles in, it does look like the game is functioning ok...not sure though. Also, previous games had a graphics quality option. I had to turn it way down to make the mouse usable. I took Puzzle Agent out of fullscreen and lowered the resolution, which improved its response to the mouse, but it's still a little sluggish. Considering this game doesn't even use 3D graphics, I was surprised by all this.
  • I have the same problem. The sound sliders are all invisible, as are the (presumably) yes and no buttons when you're asked if you want to quit. I'm also using a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and Intel graphics. All Telltale games up to and including The Devil's Playhouse have worked without issue so I don't think this is simply graphics card inadequacy.

    @Cerebus1: The game does use 3D graphics though. As far as I can tell all of the backgrounds are 3D.
  • Sir Primalform Magnifico;339869 said:
    @Cerebus1: The game does use 3D graphics though. As far as I can tell all of the backgrounds are 3D.
    Actually, everything is 3D, even if it's just a 2D texture with an alpha channel slapped on two triangles that make up a rectangle on the screen...

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    Can all of you try downloading and running the DirectX Updater?

    Sadly, Microsoft doesn't include DirectX in Windows Update. It's run with the installer, but on some systems it doesn't work, epically if there isn't internet access at the time the installer is run.
  • Just tested and although the DX updater did seem to install something, there's no change in the game. The sound menu has no sliders on it and the yes and no buttons when quitting are still invisible.
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    Same here, no change after updating DirectX. I just completed the game today though, and I never noticed anything missing within the game itself... so it may be only the main menu that's problematic.
  • I've got the same issue... and more. The buttons are there but there is no font. And no character voice. I can hear the music and the sound effects, but no voices, even if I put the volume sliders to max. I can go trough the game but it is impossible to figure out what I should do.
    I've updated the directX as suggested but no changes.

    I've got a PC with Vista 64 and changed the language setting from Italian to English.
  • Hello everybody,
    I have the exact same problem on an Acer 1825PTZ (Intel 4 Series Express using driver I have to admit that I bought the game via Steam, but I guess this makes no difference. DirectX is updated, but the problem still persists.
    I guess that there is no cursor highlight for objects intentionally? (One uses the cursor anywhere else to have a radar like effect which shows interactive far as I got that.)

    Regards and great game!
  • did you guys manage to solve these problems?
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    I didn't solve my problem, but it turned out that it only affected the main menu, not the game itself. So I could play the whole game without it bothering me.

    Looks like your problem is something completely different, unrelated to mine.
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