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Store credit not accepted [issue-30813]

posted by Nightsurfer on - last edited - Viewed by 144 users

when I tried to use my $13.94 store credit during the "50% off when pre-ordering the new 'puzzle agent' game" promotion, the coupon code was voided, but due to a bug in the shop software only $2.53 had been actually subtracted from the total, so I "lost" $11.41 during this transaction.

I had contacted you by email (issue id# 30813), and bonnie replied that this could be fixed manually after I have completed the order. - So on 6/2 I replied to that email stating that I completed the order and asked to address this problem, as promised before, but I did not get any response. On 6/11 I sent a reminder, but got no feedback. - And even today, one month later, this topic has not been addressed yet. :(

As I also do not get the Telltale newsletter any longer (though I am subscribed), I wonder if your or my provider might block the email traffic and therefore decided to contact you once again using the forum: Could you please look into "issue id# 30813" and help to refund the $11.41 I have paid too much for order number?

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  • I just want to post some quick feedback that this issue has been solved by email in the meantime, so that others do not get the impression that Telltale would not follow up. - Thanks bonnie! :)
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