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Puzzle Agent: The Movie

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So whos going to be the one to record the game and edit it down to the cutscenes and important dialogue so we have a nice grickle puzzle agent movie to watch?
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  • No kidding. With the music and cinematography, just playing the demo felt like playing a movie.
  • I would like someone to do this alot!

    In fact... ... ...

    No promises... AT ALL... but I would be happy to do it, assuming I can find a good free program to capture video from a computer...
  • Im trying to do this, the only problem im having is chosing which puzzles to keep and also after certain puzzles like the room key one, if I edit out the puzzle it would just show Nelson say "I bet I can find out what room im in" then it would just cut to him saying "there you go"
  • Maybe just cut out the entire scene with the code, and just have her give him his room...

    That could work.
  • Yea, Im trying but its a bit annoying in certain section, coz i need to cut certain parts sometimes the sound isnt on the clip since it is so small, I might be able to do it but no promises.
  • Ok, so im nearly finished making this thing, it seems like its going to be about 40 mins so I dont know where I will upload it, just to let you know the only person i didnt bother talking to was Steve coz he really only talks about his business which doesnt really have anything to do with the story and when you ask him about the hidden people he doesnt give any information he just says "do i look crazy to you"
  • You could upload it as a file to a file uploading site, put it on vimeo (costs a price so probably last resort) or on youtube in multiple parts.
  • Ok so im done, im just uploading it to megaupload, the only thing i realised i missed was the picture at the lodge, but I guess its not too important.
  • Sorry wont be able to do this, it has caused my computer to crash, and all sorts of problems.
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