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Can't reach the bell

posted by NeatNit on - last edited - Viewed by 376 users

In The Great Cow Race, I can't do anything to get that bell to ring in the barn.

I have the wooden spoon but knocking on the frying pans doesn't seem to do much. Moves the pitchfork a little, nothing more.

In a walkthrough, I read that I was supposed to get a metal bar from a barrel that that guy left, but he's still straightening them outside of the bar. I've already convinced everyone except him to bet on the Mystery Cow (looks like I can't convince him in any way) and I'm seriously lost here. I am beginning to suspect that this is a glitch.

I have attached my Auto (inside a zip file). Please tell me if this is a glitch or if I'm missing something huge.

Thank you!
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