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Saitek P3600 NOT detected !!

posted by chronodekar on - Viewed by 228 users
I have a Saitek P3600 gamepad, and 301 doesn't even detect it !!

After hearing about how much this game supports gamepads on PC, I was hoping to play it entirely using my Saitek. But, NONE of the buttons or trigger sticks work !! If I use a mapping program, to map the gamepad to keyboard controls, I can kinda get things to work, but seriously, that's a VERY sub-par experience. I really, REALLY want to play Sam & Max with ONLY the gamepad.

Perhaps, its a big task, but devs, could you patch the game to let us configure the gamepads or something?

Also, Telltale, the STEAM deal for 50% was really great !! Thanks!!

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