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Countdown to Ep 4 - "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls"

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Hideli-hodeli, Sam & Max-arinos!

Mike Stemmle here, writer and co-designer on Episode 304 of Sam & Max, a.k.a. "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls."

As this penultimate episode in our senses-shattering series careens its way through the approval process, getting ever nearer to your grubby little hands, mice, and joysticks, now seems like a good time to open up the thread for "insider" questions of various sorts.

Allow me to prime the pump with some tantalizing tidbits of info:

- The identity of this episode's villain is a big mystery.
- A character who hasn't been seen this season will return.
- Horrible things will be done to the Delorean. I mean the DeSoto. Dang, that's gonna cause problems, isn't it?
- Mr. Norrington will reveal himself.
- Stinky's "Mr. S" will make himself known.
- Grandpa Stinky will experience a great deal of joy.
- This episode features an exceptionally lame gag that I've been waiting nearly two freaking decades to make.

Oh, and we get to read everyone's mind.
Mike "Roger Ebert Rocks" Stemmle
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