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posted by Darkdusk87 on - last edited - Viewed by 557 users
Hey.. I keep trying to buy some games on this site.. But everytime I put something in my cart, I then click on that "proceed to checkout" button.. it brings me to my cart, and it shows the item in there and the price of it.. So I then click on the checkout button, and it takes me to a page telling me that my cart is empty!! It won't ever let me finish my order, it keeps acting like I never put anything in there in the first place... Will I ever be able to buy these games? I love the games on this site, and I want to support them as much as possible by buying the games.. But it just won't let me! Please tell me what's going on and how I can get around this problem.. or if you could just fix it somehow.. that would be wonderful.. Thank you
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  • Well, I bought the games I wanted.. But I had to get on a different computer to be able to do it.. Something must be wrong with mine.. Does anyone know what would cause this problem with my computer? I don't really want to get on a different computer every time I choose to buy a game on this site... If I have to, I will... But I would rather it work perfectly on mine.. Anyways.. I'm glad I was able to get the games. :) If anyone knows what I could do to fix the problem I have though.. It would be greatly appreciated if you told me what to do.. Thank you!
  • This thread describes some reasons this can happen.

    I had it happen to me for the first time while testing a few days ago, and I just added the items to my cart again and it worked the second time. Don't know why, but that is an option for people to try if the thread I linked to doesn't explain the problem.
  • Ok... I figured it out.. it doesn't work because of my Zone Alarm.. Once I shut it off it allowed me to proceed to the checkout. Thank you for showing me that thread. It helped me figure it out. I'll just have to shut it off whenever I want to buy something from your site. Thanks!
  • As of March 1, this issue should be resolved.

    If anyone experiences it again, please email us at [email][/email].
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