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1st Season of Sam and Max on Steam for Mac

posted by Rianor on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users
Telltale, you've become one of my favorite developers as of late, after playing through most of your adventure games, and i've loved everyone. I was just wondering, are you planning on bringing the 1st season of Sam and Max to the Mac side of Steam?

The 2nd and 3rd season is there but not the 1st season. So please? Or just reassure us that it's coming atleast?
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  • It's coming, Telltale is porting all their seasons to Mac, starting with Sam and Max. Eventually, all the seasons will be there, so don't worry ;)
  • I hope so, plus it doesn't make sense to give people who has never played the Sam and Max games the season's out of order. Sure you can play them out of order, but you'll miss tons of inside jokes and references.
  • The main reason it hasn't already been converted is that it was made with a older version of their engine and so it is harder to make the conversion. So it could be quite a while before there is a Mac version of Season 1, especially with all the current projects they are involved in.
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