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Nintendo 3DS

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Hi Guys

What do you think about the 3DS. Is it awesome or absolute rubbish.

Mod Edit

As per suggestion, here's a list of everyone's Friend Codes for the 3DS culled from 70-odd pages of posts.

flesk: 3668-7300-2634
Irishmile: 4167-4638-8175
Harold B: 5284-1418-3404
JedExodus: 1289-8200-5637
Jen Kollie: 3652-1134-0177
Secret Fawful: 5198-2523-2237
The Highway: 3695-0084-8559

If you don't want your code here, or it's changed, let me know and I'll update this. - Darth Marsden
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