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Your Opinion on Monkey Island 2:Special Edition

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 3.2K users
I love the remake so far, but one thing im really disappointed is the Monkey Dancing Intro, with the Monkey island theme (thats my fav theme version) and its not in the game, i mean what Monkey Island without the theme intro

Also im not to keen on Largo's voice,I perfer Dom's version he used on the April Fools Monkey Island

Bad news for Iphone users, It doesnt display in its full HD on Iphone 4, there isnt the commentry or art portfolio, and when you switch it to Original, you dont have the voices (in a way that could be a good thing,cause then you have an uptouched original version to play)

But so far, it is pretty decent, and i like it, i guess my true geeky fan-ness (if thats a word) is coming out, ok first its the hair in the 1st special edition, and now no Dancing Monkey Intro :(

what are your views on it guys
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  • Largo's voice is a let down because I've never, ever imagined him sounding like that. But I suppose once I got over it he was fine.

    Anyway the game is beautiful. So beautiful. The new music also feels very special. I felt warm and like deeply haply when I saw Guybrush sitting at the fire camp talking to his fellow pirates with the whistling music. It's great.
  • Looking at all the people moaning and complaining and somewhat bitching about this game, I stood back and took a look on it, ok it has a few glitches, but like a crap load of more effort has gone into this, the Voice Acting is better, No bug like the first game where you had pauses and gaps which you had to switch back to the original game on PC but couldn't be fixed on the console versions! The music, despite going out of sync a couple of times in the whole game (ok, one time at an important part) sounds a lot better and not as "cheap" as it did in the first special edition. I'm sure we're all on the same page about the artwork this time around! The new UI is better compared to the first game, Plus we have a commentary, we have an art gallery of concept art from both the original and the remake and overall it feels like a more complete package.

    Ok, the intro is gone, but they must of had a good reason for it, instead of looking at the cut intro and complaining, look at all the added details, the swaying grass near the campsite, the bugs and frogs in Woodtick, etc, and trust me, when you get to the end of the game, both Earl and Dom put in some brilliant performances!
  • Did anybody figure out how to switch to classic mode and back? I didn't see it in the instructions and I haven't figured it out.
  • I listened to the theme tune on the main menu about five times in a row before starting the game. I really liked it and would love it for my MP3. The game itself is gorgeous, as expected! I really like the new controls, just using the mouse is brilliant! Overall, I'm quite pleased!
  • akaimizu;342734 said:
    Did anybody figure out how to switch to classic mode and back? I didn't see it in the instructions and I haven't figured it out.
    On the PC press F1.
  • I got it on the iPad, actually.
  • I hit a game stopping bug and have to replay from miles back T_T
  • I'm really hoping they will release a patch to fix a few of these issues. I doubt it but then again being cynical never helped anybody.
  • akaimizu;342740 said:
    I got it on the iPad, actually.
    Sorry then, I don't know. I tried to google it, but came back with no results. In the options menu (assuming you have one) it should have the controls written in there. At least it did with PC, so try that.
  • I've seen a lot of complaining about the Classic Mode music. Okay it's not the best, but it's still the same music, and honestly it doesn't sound too bad. And Largo wt first I hated to, but then I listened to him in Classic and it fit like a glove. I dunno, I may have more to say later but for now its pretty good. Oh, and I love the commentary.

    EDIT: Oh and I'm posting from inside the agme thanks to Steam. How many people can say, I posted on a forum from within Monkey Island 2. Anyone who bought it on Steam but that still sounds funky to say.
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