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List of bugs in episode 2. Not happy at all. 25+ crashes before I finished it.

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1. If you skip too many lines of dialog in the embarrassing idol scene you can get an 'audio buffer could not be created' message box which is modal. But the annoying part is that the 3d game window is on top of the message box. So you cannot change to it to click ok to continue the game.

2. The game does not stop the mouse clicking outside of the 3d game window. I run dual monitors and continually I would accidentally click the desktop on my second monitor which would make the game minimize (which takes ages.)

3. After the following sequence of room changes: tv studio -> outside office -> boscos or sibyls I get a memory access exception. 'Could not access 0x000000...' (or in the common tongue, a null pointer error.)

4. Occasionally the game would fail to garbage collect resulting in it taking 350 mb of ram (I had task manager open on monitor 2) this would end up almost crashing my entire PC.

All in all I am rather upset. I had to restart the game at least 25 times to get from start to finish. In addition, even with all the restarting, the game only took me just under 3 hours to complete. It was short, very easy and buggy as hell.

I won't be purchasing anymore of telltales games until you fix your engine and properly test your releases. This software has not be extensively beta tested and it is very apparent.

To recap: Not at all impressed. Crashed 25+ times, posed little if any challenge, and was far too short.
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  • First of all, I fully understand that you're upset if it crashed 25+ times.

    But what was it that happened 25+ times? (Which of the problems mentioned did you run into multiple times?)

    I didn't have any crashing problems at all, so I find your situation a little surprising.
  • I was impressed with it not crashing anytime for me. :) It sounds to me like you've got some really wierd ass configuration on your computer.
  • I didn't have any crashes either. I only had the cursor problem a couple of times, but just alt+tab to get back to the game solved it.
  • No crashes here either except for the cursor outside the window problem. Occasionally I would click to the side screen to move to the right or left in upper corners, and the game would have a little freeze until i clicked in the center again.
  • My game crashed an awful lot, but then, Culture Shock crashed an awful lot too. It usually happened when there was a change of scene, and/or a spot where the autosave was supposed to kick in. I figured it was because of my crappy, outdated computer, so I can't blame the game for it.
  • Yandros, try it on another computer, I think it might be your computer's problem. Maybe your RAM is fucked up, maybe bad drivers, that or you got spywares/malwares running in the background. I've not encounter any problems at all.
  • I have a fairly funky laptop setup and I didnt have any probs at all. And you mentioned the game taking up 350mb of ram and crashing your pc....modern games need that much RAM, and usually several times that amount of RAM.
  • Crashed 0 times on my machine--I consider it a low-end machine, though it does have 768mb of RAM.
  • The dual monitor problem isn't Sam and Max related, because almost every game loses focus when you click outside the frame, or move your mouse too far to the right. There's certain software (I can't remember the name, but it might be from Matrox) that handles the way your dual setup behaves. You can, for example, completely disable the other monitor, and apply this setting to the applications of your choice.

    By looking at the rest of your problems, it seems to me your system is walking on its toes. If I minimize the game, and return, it only takes a few seconds. And I'm only on one Gig of memory!

  • I didnt have a single problem with mine.
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