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Older than the target range? Tell us what you think!

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Some people were noticing that they were outside of the target range of the survey, but wanted to give feedback anyway. So do it right here! I'll make sure it gets seen by the design team.
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  • Consider using the Space Race / NASA / etc as a theme in one of your episodes!

    Please read and consider this example:

    While on a journey back in time, you accidentally hit some poor bloke with a car and knock him out cold (to borrow a scene from Episode 1). After checking to see if he's OK, you return to the present and find the world drastically different. Unsure of what happened but certain it had to do with the individual you "interacted" with, you return to the past a bit before the accident, hide behind the bushes ("something inconspicuous!"), observe the accident from afar, and after the original Marty/Doc leave, you approach the man again to find out who he is --- "Great Scott!!", it's a space science / rocketry pioneer (Werner von Braun or Robert H. Goddard, for example) and you notice he's lost some of his memory. Doc is naturally devastated to have damaged one of Science's great pioneers, and Marty must keep a level head and help fix the situation, while dealing with a very depressed Doc (some comedic potential there). You travel into the past to help gather their old papers/equations/etc so he can remember and continue his contributions to Science.
  • Not sure why you had a target age range for the survey in the first place. I hope the survey gives you statistics of how many people gave an invalid age, so you'll be able to gauge interest from people the survey-setter-upper didn't think would matter.

    For those of us with invalid ages, it didn't even display the questions, so it would be helpful if you re-post them here, so we'll know what you care about.

  • With respect to open-ended suggestions, I think the key point played out in the movies is that the present doesn't have to get back to exactly the way it was before, after you messed it up. Sometimes it winds up better, instead.
  • WarpSpeed wrote: »
    For those of us with invalid ages, it didn't even display the questions, so it would be helpful if you re-post them here, so we'll know what you care about.
    What was the target range anyway, and where was it stated? (Not on the blog page, that's for sure...)

    I'm 33 and I certainly could answer all questions...

    np: Glitterbug - Blast (Privilege (Disc 1))
  • Looks like 40 is the cutoff. Ha, squeezed in by 2 years...
  • I'm 41. I'm younger than Marty. I was 16 when BTTF came out.

    If you don't understand the target audience of a licensed property, then maybe you shouldn't license it.
  • Maybe it's a function of the survey software? I'm pretty sure Telltale understand their audience.
  • It could also be they just assume 40+ year old gamers will buy it and they are looking to expand their audience. Just a guess.
  • I am also outside the target range, but not sure what "feedback" I could give here as I did not get to see any questions or plot ideas. I think an adventure game based on Back to the Future is a cool idea, it certainly would be possible to create some fantastic and complicated puzzles involving time travel.
  • For those that wish to see them, this article quotes all of the open-ended text-box questions from the survey.

    The other questions were all lists of things asking you to pick your top three or top five. These questions included the following: Which characters would you want to play as? Which characters do you want to see or interact with in the game? Which props and set pieces from the series do you feel to be most iconic? Which jokes and story elements do you feel to be most iconic? Which action sequence from the movies was your favorite? What do you feel are the most important themes from the movies? What are some of your other favorite movie franchises? What are your favorite book franchises? What are your favorite genres of music?

    That's everything I can remember off the top of my head. I hope it helps. :)
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