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Loads of problems!

posted by abdallah on - Viewed by 317 users
Allright, Ive allready sent this to Emily, but I thought Id post it here as well. Maybe its a problem more people than me have. This is what I wrote in my mail:
Hello again,

Now everything is f*cked - The first time I started the game, it worked perfectly fine. From the second time on though, the game crashes every time I either try to start a new game or load a saved game (the first time it crashed I got a box with an error number that I forgot to write down. The other times the program either disappeared completely returning me to Windows, or froze leaving me only with the option to restart the computer with the reset button).
So I uninstalled the game with the idea of installing it again to see if that would help. I followed the link you gave me last time, to download the game, entered my information and got to the page with green download icons for each episode, like last time. Only this time when I try to download episode 2 I end up at a page with the error message:

"500 Internal Server Error
(ive edited out the rest of the text here in case theres some personal information on that page. I doubt it, but im no programmer.)
(Episode 1 still works fine, and the download link on that same page also works) So now I dont have the game installed anymore, and I cant download it. Maybe I can find the install file I downloaded last time somewhere, but the game still only worked once then and refused to start again. I never had any errors with Episode 1 crashing, and as far as I remember, I havnt updated any drivers or anything like that since.
Ill try to find the install file on my computer and tell you what happens if so..
I searched around on my computer but I cant find the install file unfortunately. The only files I could find were two small files in the C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch folder, no install file. But as I said, even if I could install the game again, the last time it only started once.
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