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Suggestion for the Hint System in any future "Special Editions"

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I was able to beat The Secret of Monkey Island SE (for the first time) without using any hints (I did hit the hint key at times, but it only told me things I already knew, and I made sure to not hit it again). Of course, Monkey Island 2 is a much harder game, and because of this, the urge to hit the hint key is always much greater. Due to lack of self control, I pressed the hint key almost always when not having any clue of what to do, which sometimes gave more information than I was hoping for, ruining the puzzle (I had the famous monkey wrench puzzle ruined D: ). So, I suggest that during any future Special Editions, there's a way to turn off the hint system completely, like in the options, so lazy and silly people like me would have less of an urge to use the hint system.


Hopefully, I can somehow forget most of the puzzles for my second playthrough...
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