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Puzzle Agent Site Puzzle?

posted by FatDragon on - last edited - Viewed by 474 users
I've seen a few odd things that make me wonder if there's an external puzzle to Puzzle Agent, perhaps one that will lead to a page with a coupon for future Telltale purchases or information on the next pilot game, for example.

The two things I have noticed in a partial, cursory examination are the mysterious "70kg1stone i" that appears in the first FAQ page on the PA portion of the TTG site, and the file \Puzzle Agent\The Mystery of Scoggins\Pack\Launcher\images\evil.png, which contains some sort of serial number or activation code, but doesn't line up with the serial number of my purchase (probably nothing, as I just realized that other TTG games have an evil.png as well).

Anyway, does anybody know of any super-secret Puzzle Agent site puzzle that might load us up with fantastic goodies and knowledge of the future?
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